Connect to Network Drives


This article outlines how to connect to Network Shares from Microsoft Windows. 


  • For Windows
    1. If off campus or using NYU WiFi on campus, connect to VPN first
    2. Click the Start Menu
    3. Right Click Computer
    4. Select Map network drive..ss1.png
    5. Enter the following information:ss2.png
    6. Drive = S:
    7. Folder = \\\SteinStorage\
    8. Check Reconnect at logon
    9. Check Connect using different credentials if you are using a laptop
    10. Click Finish
    11. If prompted for your credentials. Enter the letters "ad" followed by a backslash, followed by your NYU NetID. In the password field, enter your NYU password. This username and password should be the same as what you would use to log into your NYU email. (Example: would have a NetID of abc123)  ss3.PNG
    12. Upon clicking OK the S: drive will appear in your Computer window. To view the S: drive, navigate to Start > Computer
  • For Mac
    1. If Off campus or using NYU WiFi on campus, connect to VPN first
    2. Open Finder
    3. Navigate to GO > Connect to Server
    4. Enter the Server Address: smb://
    5. If prompted, select the share you need
    6. Click the + sign to save as Favorite Server
    7. Click Connect
    8. If prompted, enter your credentials as ad\NetID and your nyu password
    9. A mapped drive will appear in your Finder Window.
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