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Operating Systems: Find your mouse cursor in Windows


If you have a large computer monitor, or maybe even multiple monitors, it sometimes may take a second or two to locate the mouse cursor on the screen. The same can be true if you share a single mouse and keyboard on multiple computer systems. If you often run into issues finding the mouse cursor on the screen, you may find a feature to highlight the cursor on demand helpful to resolve it.

  1. Windows 7, and maybe other Microsoft Windows operating systems as well, comes with an option to do that. For that, you need to open the mouse properties control panel applet. To get there click on the start button, then control panel. Locate the hardware and sound listing, and select mouse under devices and printers once it opens up.
  2. Windows 8 users need to press the Windows key, enter mouse, switch to the settings filter on the right, and select mouse from the results listing.
  3. The mouse properties window opens and you need to switch to the pointers options tab in here. Locate the preference "Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key" and enable it by placing a checkmark into the box.


  4. Click the apply button afterwards to enable it on the system. You can now highlight the mouse cursor with a single tap on the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Windows creates a large circle around the mouse cursor for a moment that is closing in on the mouse cursor. The circle's color differs wit the background color of the desktop or window that is open so that it is always visible regardless of the background color. The very same option is also available under Windows 8.



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