Tools: Anatesse3 (Mac)


Anatesse3 is a specialized software for students. This article will demonstrate how to install the software and then use it. 


Install Microsoft Remote Desktop

  1. Open up App Store
  2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop


  3. Install Application

    **It is important to install the most recent version.


  4. Sign into App Store

  5. Application will start downloading


  6. Locate application

  7. The first time you open Microsoft Remote Desktop you will see the following screen. Click Don’t Show Again.


After Installed (you only need to do once) you must connect to the Web Application.

  1. Use your browser and go to:

    ** You must be connected to the NYU Network

  2. Once the page is loaded you will be asked to “Proceed Anyway”

  3. Log in Web Apps using AD\net id and password

    Ex. AD\il30


  4. Once logged in the landing page should appear with your software options
  5. Click on Anatesse3

  6. A download will begin. Open download. The following screen will appear. Select OKAY.

  7. The Anatesse program will open. Select Start ungraded

  8. Select lesson

  9. Once a lesson is selected adjust the windows so that your browser is behind your lesson. This way when you take a screenshot your professor can identify you.



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