Storage: Move files from your iPad to Active Directory


This article explains how to copy local files from your iPad to your Active Directory storage.  You may want to do this if you're taking videos or images with your iPad that you need to share with others.


Note: To do this you need to have already setup your iPad with FileBrowser per this article: Access Active Directory Files from an iPad

    1. Install the free App 'FileManager'
    2. Open FileManager
    3. Select 'Files' from the bottom menu bar
    4. Select the file you wish to copy to Active Directory
    5. Select the arrow shortcut from the bottom menu bar
    6. Select 'Open in...'
    7. Select 'FileBrowser'
    8. Using the Menu button, navigate to the folder where you'd like to paste the file you selected
    9. Select 'Paste 1 file here'
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