Troubleshooting: Bluejeans Conference Call from a Polycom System


The following guide will help you facilitate a Bluejeans Conference call from East 412 and 741.

Turn on the A/V  System:
  1. Touch the screen on the small white panel, known as the 'Crestron', under the TV to activate the a/v system
Call the Bluejeans Video Bridge:
  1. Select 'Unscheduled Video Conference' from the Crestron  
  2. Select 'Dial Keypad' on the Crestron
  3. Using the numbers, enter from the Crestron
  4. Select the Green phone icon from the Crestron
  5. When the room is connected, you should see a screen with a unique pairing code which you'll use below (Screen 1)
Authorize the Bluejeans Call:
Method 1 (preferred)
  1. Using the Crestron, select dial keypad
  2. Select DTMF
  3. Enter the meeting ID and meeting passcode (if required)

Method 2

  1. Using a laptop or the in-room computer open a web browser such as Chrome
  2. (note: if you cannot find  a keyboard and mouse for the in-room computer, check with the front desk)
  3. Navigate to:
    • If you created this meeting:
      • Login with your Bluejeans credentials (Screen 2)Blue_Jeans_Network___Video_Collaboration_in_the_Cloud.png
      • Select your Meeting from the list
      • Select 'Start Meeting'
    • If you are connecting to someone's meeting
      • Enter your Meeting ID, passcode, and Name, then select 'Enter Meeting'
      • Select 'Room System' (Screen 3)
      • Enter the pairing code from above and select 'Connect' (Screen 3)Blue_Jeans_Network___Video_Collaboration_in_the_Cloud__1_.png
    • At this point, your room should authorize and start the call

In-Call Options

  1. To see a Picture-in-Picture shot of your room, select the 'PIP' option from the Crestron
  2. To share the room computer, select 'Room PC' from the Crestron

To End the Call

  1. Select the Red phone icon from the 'Dial Keypad' screen on the Crestron

Before You Leave

  1. Before you leave the room, please do the following:
  2. Shutdown the A/V system:
    1. Select 'Exit' from the Crestron
    2. Confirm 'Yes' from the Crestron
  3. Log out of the room PC if you logged in

Schedule Meeting ahead of time

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