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This article details how to use Steinhardt Remote Apps to launch InqScribe.  The 3 methods that will be covered are: 1) First time set up and installation, 2) Connection to the application, and 3) Accessing video files from your computer.


1. First time set up and Installation

1.1 Open up App Store

1.2 Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop

1.3 Install Application. Note: It is important to install the most recent version.

1.4 Sign into App Store

1.5 Application will start downloading

1.6 Locate and select the application. Result: Application will begin to run

1.7 The first time you open Microsoft Remote Desktop you will see the following screen. Click Don’t Show Again.


2. Connect to Application

2.1 Download the file Inqscribe.rdp (found at the bottom of this article). Note: You must be connected to the NYU Network

2.2 A download will begin. Right click on the download to change the default program to Microsoft Remote Apps. Select Microsoft Remote Desktop and check off "Always Open With"


2.3 Download will open with the default program. Open download. A Verify Certificate screen will appear, select Continue.

2.4 Type in your netid and password


2.5 Inqscribe will start. Note: Save the InqScribe.rdp file and save it on your computer. Use the saved file to access InqScribe in the future. 


3. Access Video Files from your Computer 

Note: Files must be saved on your computer not a flash drive

 3.1 Select Media Source

3.2 Choose Select File

3.3 Select Home

3.4 Select the folder which your video are located


For access to Steinhardt Remote Apps, email

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