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Software: Connecting to RemoteApps

This article describes how to connect to the Steinhardt Remote Apps server. 
  1. Remote Apps requires that you have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed.  This is installed by default on Windows computers, and is available in the iTunes App store for Apple computers. 
  2. To connect to RemoteApps, you must be either on campus or connected to the NYU VPN
  3. Open a browser and navigate to
  4. Login using your NYU netid and password. Your netID must be the following format: ad\netID (e.g. ad\abc123 for user abc123)
  5. Once you login, click the application you would like to use
  6. The application will download to your default download folder
  7. Open the application using Microsoft Remote Desktop
  8. If prompted, enter your NYU credentials
  • Access can be requested by emailing
  • Some Apple computers have an older version of Remote Desktop installed.  If your icon looks like this:  please uninstall it and find Microsoft Remote Desktop in the App Store to install.  The correct app's icon looks like this: 


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