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What is Bluejeans?

Bluejeans is a cloud-based audio and video conference service. It’s compatible with nearly every major hardware and software platform. So you can choose to dial in a meeting from anywhere, whether you’re on the go with your iPhone, at home on your laptop, or using the existing hardware system in the conference room.


Integrates with NYU Google Calendar (easy scheduling)

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Meeting Recordings (including video, audio, and content being shared)
  • Screen Sharing (content sharing, real-time collaboration)
  • Host Controls (e.g., auto mute participants upon entry)

Who is eligible for a Bluejeans account?

Steinhardt affiliated Staff, Faculty or Researcher.

Do I need a Bluejeans account to attend a meeting?

Participants do not need an account to attend a Bluejeans meeting.

A Bluejeans account is required to schedule meetings.

*Note: Students and individuals unaffiliated with NYU are permitted to join meetings via an invitation. They will not have account-holding privileges. 

How do I Sign up for a Bluejeans Account?

How many meetings can I have? 

A Bluejeans account can schedule an unlimited number of meetings.

Can I have multiple Meetings with the same Meeting ID?

There are two ways to have meetings with the same meeting ID.

1. Create a meeting that has re-occurrence set for it.

2. Use your account’s personal meeting. The personal meeting is an always available meeting that uses the same Meeting ID. When using this ID you must be present for your personal meeting to start, participants would be held in the meeting lobby until that time.

When can I access my meeting once scheduled?

Once a meeting is scheduled you can go into the meeting as early as you like. You can use it for testing ahead of time so that you’re using the same Meeting ID and your participants aren’t confused later with two Meeting IDs floating around.

Any participants who enter the meeting before the scheduled start time and before the moderator is in the meeting will be placed in a waiting room.

What is the best way to invite other participants?

You can add the email addresses of your participants when you’re scheduling your meeting in Bluejeans.

TIP: It is often better to copy the meeting information and create your own meeting request and send it from your email account with the meeting information pasted in it. This also allows you to customize your meeting invitations to just the information that’s necessary and include things like testing, meeting etiquette, how to handle audio, attach documents, list agendas, etc.

What are moderators allowed to do?

  • Mute participant’s audio and/or video. This does not lock the user out from unmuting their audio and video again.
  • Kick participants out of a meeting.
  • Start recordings.
  • Pin a single participant so they are the primary video viewed for all participants.
  • Lock a meeting so new people, or recently kicked out people, can’t join the meeting.
  • When a moderator leaves they meeting they have the option to just leave, leave and kick everyone out after a selected number of minutes, or immediately kick everyone else out.

How can I record my Bluejeans meeting?

Recordings can only be started by a moderator who is connected through the web browser, mobile devices, or the Bluejeans desktop application. There is unlimited recording storage in Bluejeans.

Moderators in a meeting can start and stop recording at any time during a meeting.

If recording is enabled each connection will receive an announcement that the meeting is being recorded when they join.

TIP: If a moderator will not be available to manage the recording, a meeting can be set to auto-record in the advanced meeting options section when scheduling the meeting.


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