Software: FAQ and Troubleshooting


This article goes over frequently asked software questions and addresses common problems that may occur.



Q: What software does Steinhardt IT support?

A: You can find a list of supported software here:


Q: One of my licenses has expired. How do I reauthorize this program?

A: If you have software that is supported by Steinhardt IT then you can contact us at and request a re-authorization. Any software not listed is not supported by Steinhardt IT.


Q: I'm having a problem accessing WebNow, is there anything I can do?

A: Most WebNow issues are caused by older versions of Java--to fix this problem, update to the most recent version of Java by pressing the Windows Button and typing in Check for Updates. Run the Program with the Java icon that is labeled Check for Updates.


Q: I cannot install any programs or change any system settings. How can I get administrative access on my desktop?

A: By default, we do not initially provide local administrative access to each of our end-users. You can request local administrative access permissions by contacting SteinhardtIT at



Here are some common tips that are known to solve software issues:

  • Restart your computer and restart the program
  • If you have administrator access, right click the program and select Run as Administrator
  • If you have the source installation file, uninstall and reinstall the software
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