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Different learning spaces throughout Steinhardt have dedicated Blu-Ray players integrated into their room's A/V system. This article reviews several frequently asked questions regarding their use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Steinhardt rooms have a Blu-Ray player?

No, all of Steinhardt's diverse locations are made to different specifications. For a full list of room specifications visit our website.

The room I am teaching in has a Blu-Ray player but I want to show a DVD. Will my DVD work in the player?

Yes, the Blu-Ray player in the room will accept Blu-Ray, DVD and CD discs.

I am teaching in a room with multiple displays. Will I be able to play media from the Blu-Ray on one screen while using the room's computer or my laptop on the other?

Yes, any of the Steinhardt learning spaces that have multiple displays will allow for the user to send different inputs to each display. This will be accomplished by selecting where you want each input to go on the control panel.

I will be conducting a video conference call during my class. Will I be able to use the Blu-Ray for the "Share Content" feature?

If your learning space is equipped with a Polycom system you will be able to select various inputs to share during the call. This is done by selecting "Start Share Content" on the Crestron touch panel and then choosing Blu-Ray for your input if it is listed as an option.

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