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Several learning spaces throughout Steinhardt have integrated Polycom units. Polycom is a high definition audio and video conferencing system. This article reviews several frequently asked questions regarding their use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Steinhardt rooms have a Polycom video conference system?

No, all of Steinhardt's diverse locations are made to different specifications. For a full list of room specifications visit our website.

The room I am teaching in has a Polycom. Can I only call another Polycom system?

By using the room's Polycom system you will be able to call another video conference system directly. You will also be able to call into a video conference bridge such as Bluejeans to connect to a room system, laptop or any other device that can also connect to the bridge.

The room I am in has 3 displays. When I place a video conference call, is there a particular screen where I should see the call's participants?

The video feed of the participants' camera will change depending on their system. If they are using a single camera or webcam, their video feed will appear in the center screen. If they are using an ATX Polycom system, they will have 2 cameras which will split their room onto your left and right displays. It is not uncommon to see your displays switch between these 2 orientations at the time your call is connecting.

Can I share my computer or other content during a call?

Yes, content sharing is built in to all Polycom systems.

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