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Operating Systems: Remote Access - Microsoft Remote Desktop Setup



This article describes how to access your on-campus desktop workstation from a remote location, using another laptop or desktop.


How to setup settings to allow remote desktop (Windows 7 & 10):

  1. Press Windows Start button
  2. Type in Allow remote access to your computer, click on it
  3. Check Allow Remote Assistance Connections To This Computer
  4. Under Remote Desktop, select Allow connections from computer running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)
  5. Click OK
  6. Press Windows Start button
  7. Type in Power Options, click on it
  8. Select Balanced (Recommended), and select Change plan setting
  9. Change the dropbox for Put the computer to sleep to Never
  10. Click Save Changes
  11. Press Windows Start button
  12. Type in CMD for the command prompt, then right click and Run as Administrator
  13. In the command prompt, type in ipconfig and note the IPv4 Address, this is the IP address that you will be using this to connect remotely

Before running Remote Desktop:

Install the NYU VPN client using this link:

How to remote into a Desktop workstation from another Windows device (Windows 7 & 10):

  1. Press Windows Start button, and type mstsc.exe. Press enter
  2. Type in the IP address from the Desktop Workstation
  3. Click Connect
  4. Accept and confirm all certificate warnings
  5. Enter credentials you would use on the computer you're connecting to, (if connecting to the Active Directory, use the preface AD\<NetID>)

How to remote into a Desktop workstation from a Macintosh device (Mac OS):

  1. Open Spotlight Search (Press command+space bar)
  2. Type in Apps Store and hit Enter
  3. On Apps Store, search for Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app.


  1. Get Microsoft Remote Desktop 10, and then click INSTALL APP
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password
  3. After installation, click Launchpad on the Apple dock and click the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon
  4. Now click the New icon in the top left to make a new computer profile.
  5. Enter IP address into PC Name
  6. For user name, enter ad\<net id>, and enter corresponding password
  7. Close the New window
  8. Double-click on the profile you just created, and accept all certificate warnings


Remote connections will save all previously used credentials and settings, so once you have successfully connected remotely once, it will be substantially easier.


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