For Inquiries into Teaching & Learning Students (TCHL-UE 1 & TCHL-GE2010) only.

What is ATLAS?

The National Board aims to support teacher preparation by offering ATLAS® (Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools). ATLAS is a unique, searchable online library of authentic videos showing National Board Certified Teachers at work in the classroom. Each video is accompanied by the teacher's written reflection about the instruction or the activity shown. Aligned to professional teaching standards and indexed by teachers, ATLAS serves as a window into what accomplished teaching looks like.

ATLAS cases demonstrate Board-certified teachers' approaches to teaching and make accomplished practice accessible. Introducing ATLAS


How can I access ATLAS?

Website: NYU ATLAS Login


How do I get an account?

For the Inquiries into Teaching & Learning students you will be sent an email invitation inviting you to register for an NYU ATLASAccount. Please check your SPAM folder if you have not received an invitation.


When will I use ATLAS?

You will use ATLAS several times throughout the semester. Specifically, you will use ATLAS in weeks 8 through 11 when we are observing teachers and students in action. The purpose of ATLAS is to provide additional opportunities for reflecting and connecting with regard to the ideas and theories you are learning about in the course.


How can I get help?

For help, please email

**Please note that ATLAS is not a University supported application. For additional information visit

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