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Asset: Any data, device, or other components of the environment that support information-related activities. Assets generally include hardware and software. NYU’s Systems/networks are considered assets, and their safekeeping is the responsibility of the user.

End User: Any community member who requests assistance from Steinhardt Technology Services.

Hardware: A Physical device such as a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablets, or accessories/peripherals that have monetary value and auditable.

Non-Primary computer: Steinhardt employees may purchase non-primary computers with alternative funds. These non-primary computers should be upgraded using, IDA, grant, or other funds. 

Primary Computer: A desktop or laptop computer that is provided to a full-time employee as their designated asset for NYU Steinhardt-related affairs. Full-time Researchers fund their own primary devices.

Software: Programs, applications, and other operating information used by an asset.

Steinhardt Technology Services: An administrative group that supports technology across NYU Steinhardt.

Technician: Steinhardt Technology Services staff members.


The purpose of this policy is to outline the process by which NYU Steinhardt acquires hardware assets and to ensure adherence to NYU’s Asset Management Policies and Procedures and Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers and Data.


This policy applies to all employees and affiliates purchasing technology for work-related business.


All asset purchases must be coordinated with Steinhardt Technology Services. We maintain an inventory of assets owned by the University.


All ordered hardware assets will be delivered to Steinhardt Technology Services office for mandatory asset tagging. When appropriate the asset will have installed management and security software before being delivered to the user.


All ordered computer assets will have a standardized configuration to ensure reliability and security. See computer support policy for details on standard software configuration. Any software outside the standard configuration shall be coordinated with Steinhardt Technology Services.

Other software purchases should be coordinated with Steinhardt Technology Services to ensure they align with University Policy and are compliant. 


Steinhardt adopted computer standards to comply with NYU’s initiative of affordability. Steinhardt Technology Services creates a standard configuration on a semi-annual basis. Each computer, including learning spaces, will have enough memory, storage, and processing power to meet the academic needs for both instructional and administrative responsibilities.

Standard configurations have been selected to facilitate redeployment at the end of the lifecycle period. If the standard configuration is not adequate due to job function or discipline, a custom configuration may be selected. Minor upgrades to the standard configurations such as a larger Hard Drive or more memory are considered custom configurations.

Procurement, funding, and configuration of assets are dependent upon the end user’s job family. Examples: Professional Researcher, Tenure/Tenure Track Full-Time Faculty, Academic Program Support, General Administration, etc.

Full-Time Employee

Under this policy, full-time faculty and staff will be assigned one primary computer (laptop or desktop), which will be purchased with Steinhardt Technology Services budget and is the machine covered.

There is no charge to the department for the computer when issued in accordance with the following standard issuance guidelines:

  • Deans, Directors, and Faculty members have the choice of a standard Dell laptop or desktop or a Mac laptop
  • All other full-time employees are provided with a standard Dell desktop

Any new staff that replaces an existing position will inherit the computer used by the previous holder of that position unless that computer has been in use for four years or longer.[1]

Any upgrades to the hardware configuration beyond the standard configuration must be approved by the Associate Dean of Finance & Administration. If approved, based on job function, Steinhardt Technology Services will cover the cost of the upgrade. If the upgrade is a preference, the added costs must be funded from sources such as start-up funding, grants, departmental funds, etc.

Full-Time Researchers

Computers purchased solely for research use, regardless of the end user’s role, must be purchased and coordinated with Steinhardt Technology Services. While these assets may lay outside our standard configuration models, we will make appropriate recommendations based on warranty, use, and life-cycle. Research groups are responsible for funding these purchases, either through grants or other research funds.

Part-Time Employees, Student Workers, Temporary Positions

Part-time faculty/staff, student worker positions, temporary positions, and computers needed for projects or other temporary uses will be coordinated on a case by case basis. In these scenarios, the computer may be repurposed from our inventory.


To purchase assets other than (or in addition to) the University's standard-issue primary device, a faculty or designated department representative must first send a request to Steinhardt Technology Services, which includes:

  • Desired asset
  • Funding Chartfield
  • Primary User Name and Net ID
  • Rationale for use

Steinhardt Technology Services will submit the requisition once a asset is agreed upon.

Note: Please contact Steinhardt Technology or your department administrator should you find competitive pricing outside of iBuy.



All desktop computers will be provided with a keyboard and mouse. Any special accommodations that are outside the standard configuration will be coordinated with Steinhardt Technology Services.

Network Printers

All primary devices on campus will have access to networked printers. Steinhardt Technology Services and Facilities maintain and purchase these.

Personal Printers

Personal printers, those, of which are connected directly to your office computer, are at the expense of the end user. if you wish to replace these printers, it must be funded through your department or other funds.


Please consult with Steinhardt Technology Services in regards to questions about scanners, external hard drives, webcams, etc.

Purchasing Research or Special Equipment

All faculty and staff should consult Steinhardt Technology Services before purchasing any special-function equipment. We can recommend equipment that will be compatible with the computer and operating system. The equipment should be purchased through Steinhardt Technology Services to ensure that any problems with the equipment on delivery or during warranty will be handled expediently. We cannot support equipment purchased independently that turns out to be incompatible with the computer or operating system, or when the software required for its use conflicts with other critical software on the system.


Steinhardt Technology Services Operational Hours and Contact Information
Mon-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm  |  341 Pless Hall   |  (212) 992 - HELP   |


[1]  It is required to have the computer cleaned prior to the new employee starting


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