How do I send a new agreement for signature?

Step 1: Navigate to Record and Initiate Process

This article only covers sending the NYU Steinhardt Agreement without any edits. If you need to send an edited or new agreement, see How do I send a Non-NYU or Edited Agreement article.

To begin the process of sending an agreement, navigate to the Agreement that you created in Steinforce. See the How do I Create an Agreement and How do I find details on Accounts/Contacts/Agreements articles for additional assistance. Make sure you have all the fields (including Site Contact and Start Date) completed in the Agreement before sending.

Click the Send/Download NYU Agreement button on the right hand side of the page.

Step 2: Select Fields to Create Agreement

On the next screen, you will be prompted to select a few options to ensure that the correct person receives the correct agreement.

  1. Select the Site Contact to send the agreement to. This will be the person you entered in the Agreement details.
  2. Select the Agreement you would like to send. If you have any questions on which Agreement type to use, reach out to Global Affairs to confirm.

Select how you'd like to send the Agreement and whether you would like to attach the unsigned Agreement to the record. Steinforce will default to DocuSign and to Attach the agreement.


There is a default email for the Docusign Agreement, however, if you would like to edit the language, you can do so by clicking the Edit Email button.

  1. Select who you want to sign the Agreement. Steinforce will default to you, the user, so make sure that the Site Contact, in this case, Sally Supervisor, is selected.
  2. There are default reminders programmed into Steinforce/Docusign, however, if you would like to change any of the number of days of the reminders, you can do so my clicking Edit Reminders and Expirations.
  3. To create the Agreement, Click Run. By clicking Run, you are pulling all the fields from Steinforce into the Agreement to Sign and determining how to send the Agreement.

Step 3: Create Agreement in Docusign

You will be brought to another screen to move your Agreement to Docusign. Click Send to Docusign to create the Agreement.

You will then be brought to the external Docusign page. You do not need to add any additional fields to this page if you are sending the NYU Agreement.

The Agreement Start Date, Account Name, and Account Address will all be merged into the Document for the Site to sign.

There is also a Decline to Sign button on the top right of the page. The site can click this to decline to sign the NYU Agreement and provide a reason why.

The yellow fields in the Docusign are meant for the site to sign. They will already be loaded into the Agreement.

The blue fields are for Global Affairs to sign. They will also already be loaded into the Agreement.

Step 4: Send from Docusign

Click Send in the upper right hand corner of the page to send via email.

The Site Contact will receive an email from you, the user, requesting them to sign the document. They should click Review Document to either sign or Decline the Agreement.

You will get email updates when the Site signs the Agreement and when all parties sign the Agreement (rendering it executed) or if the Agreement is declined.

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