How do I login?

Step 1: Navigate to Steinforce

Enter Steinforce's unique URL ( in your preferred browser. For easy future access, bookmark this page.

Step 2: Click Single Sign-On Button

When you first login, there will be two options to access Steinforce. Click the NYU Single Sign-On button to be redirected to login with your NYU credentials. If you are already logged into other applications with your NYU credentials, you will be brought directly to the Steinforce homepage.

Please note, a Steinforce Card is available in NYU home if you search for it.


Step 3: Login via SSO

Login to Steinforce using your NYU credentials, as you would with any other NYU app (NYU Home, Email, etc). You will still need to use MFA in order to login.

Step 4: Review Salesforce Training

Steinhardt Technology Services created specific guides for Steinforce. Salesforce (the platform Steinforce is built on) offers additional resources for you to better understand the platform.

When you first login to Steinforce, you will see this brief tutorial. While it will not be specific to Steinforce, it will help you better understand the entire system. Additionally, Salesforce has many other training modules at

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