How do I find a PDF copy of an Agreement?

Step 1: Find Agreement in Steinforce

From the Home Page, click the Agreements Tab in the top toolbar of Steinforce.

If you know the Agreement Name or Number, Search via the Search Box at the top of the page

If you do not know the Name/Number of the Agreement you can use List Views to search all Agreements that you have access to.

Click on the inverted arrow to see a list of all existing List Views.

Select the applicable Agreement List View from the drop down. Some options include:

  • All Agreements (all agreements that you have access to)
  • My Agreements (agreements in which you are the owner)
  • My In Progress Agreements (your agreements in the signing process)
  • All in Progress Agreements (all Agreements which you have access to in the signing process)

Click on the Agreement Number (eg: 0000xxxx) to drill into the details of the Agreement record.

Click Related Tab on the Agreement details page.

Step 3: Download from Files

Scroll down to the bottom of the Related page and find the Files associated with the Agreement.

Click the inverted arrow next to the file you want to download and select "Download" from the drop down and the file will download to your computer.

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