How do I check the status of an Agreement?

Step 1: Navigate to the Agreement

Search for the Agreement and click the Blue Agreement Number to go to the Agreement.

For more details instructions on navigating to the Agreement, please see the article How do I find details on Accounts/Contacts/Agreements?

Step 2: Review Status of Agreement

After you click the Blue Agreement Number to go to your Agreement, you will see a number of details on the page. On the top of the page, you will see:

  1. Quick Info about the Agreement including Number, Account, Status, Start Date and End Date
  2. Below the Quick Info is the Status Bar, which shows a visual representation of where your Agreement is in the process. Please note, not every Agreement will go through every stage.


You can also check the Status of the Agreement by scrolling down to the Details section and looking on the right hand side.

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