How do I find details on Accounts/Contacts/Agreements?

Step 1: Navigate to the Account/Contact/Agreement (Search Option)

The easiest way to find any record in Steinforce is by searching. The Search bar is at the top of the page and you can enter anything to search across Steinforce.


Search the name of the Account/Contact/Agreement for quick access.

You can select the record if it begins to appear when typing, or you can type the entire name and click enter to see all results.

Click on the Blue Agreement Number (00003313 in this example) to go to the record of the Account/Agreement/Contact.

If you want a tailored search, you can change the dropdown next to the magnifying glass to Accounts, Agreements, or Contacts. This will restrict your search to only those types of records (so if you search Agreements no  records in Accounts or Contacts will appear in your search).

In this example, we only want to search across Agreements. After selecting Agreements from the dropdown, search for the name of the record.

You will then only see results that are Agreements.

Step 1: Navigate to the Account/Contact/Agreement (List View Option)

Another way to access Accounts/Contacts/Agreements is via their individual tabs at the top of the homepage.

Click on Accounts/Contacts/Agreements to be brought to details about each across Steinforce.

You can always tell which type of records you are viewing, as the name (Accounts/Contacts/Agreements) will be highlighted in purple.

After clicking into Accounts/Contacts/Agreements, you will see a list of Recently Viewed List View. You can access the record directly from this list by clicking the Blue Agreement Number.

There are other premade List Views if you click the triangle next to Recently Viewed

You can also create your own List Views by clicking the gear on the right hand side of the page.

Step 2: Review Details of Account/Contact/Agreement

Every record in Steinforce has lots of information for you to access! We will review each section here:

  1. Quick Info: Relevant details to the record that you can see immediately.
  2. Details/Related Pages: Everything about the record in Steinforce including any other related records.
  3. Chatter: How to communicate with others in Steinforce. Every page will have a Chatter Feed on the right hand side where you can see updates to details as well as past conversations.
  4. Activities: On the lower right hand corner of every page, this is where you can assign tasks to yourself or others as well as email out of Steinforce.

The details page of any record changes based on what information is collected on the Account/Contact/Agreement.

If there are details in blue, that means you can click on them to see information on that record.

If you click on Related on the record page, you will see a number of related records, or records that are attached to the Account/Contact/Agreement you are on.

This again vary by what type of record you are viewing, and can act as an easy way to see all of the records of a certain type attached to an agreement.

For example, in the Account Related image, you can see all of the agreements over time without having to click into each record. However, you can click into any record by clicking the Blue link.

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