How do I Create a New Contact?

Step 1: Navigate to Contacts Tab

Step 2: Create New Contact

Once on the Contacts Tab, navigate to the right hand side of the page and click the "New" button.

From the Pop-up window, select the applicable record type. You can read a description of each record type if you are unsure which to select. If your contact holds more than one of these roles, select the primary position they hold as the record type.

Step 3: Enter Details of Contact

Fill out all Required/Relevant fields (required fields are indicated by red asterisks).

  1. When adding the Primary Account of the Contact, first search to see if the account already exists.
  2. If the Account does exist, select it from the list and it will populate the field.
  3. If the Account does not exist, you will need to create a new one by clicking "New Account." For details on adding a New Account, please refer to that article.

After you have completed all required/relevant fields, click "Save" on the lower right hand of the page.

Congratulations! You have now created a contact record in Steinforce.

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