How do I Create an Account while Adding a New Agreement?

Step 1: Search for the Account

From the Agreement page, search for the Account to see if it already exists.

If it does not exist, only "+ New Account" will appear below the Search. Click "+ New Account" to add a new Account while on the Agreement.

Step 2: Select the Account Record Type

Select 'Experiential Learning Account' as the Record Type from the Pop-up window and click the Next button.

Step 3: Add Account Details

Add the Account Name and any other relevant details that you know about the Account. Try to fill in as much of the Account as possible.

If you know that your Account has a Parent, for example, it is an HHC Hospital, you can search and add the Parent Account here.

Add the Account Address Information by either searching the address (powered by Google) or adding it yourself.

Click Save.

You've now learned how to create/add an Account while creating an Agreement!

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