How to add an Addendum/Renewal/Rider to an existing Agreement?

Step 1 : From the Home page of Steinforce click Agreements Tab.

Step 2: Search for the existing agreement in the search box (OR) click the inverted arrow and select All Agreements/My Agreements from the drop down which should give you a list view of all Agreements to select from. Note, always click on Agreement number to get to the agreement details page.

Step 5: Select record type as - Other Agreement Addenda, Amendment, Rider, etc.. and then click Next button

Step 6: On the pop-up page fill the relevant information as shown above and hit 'Save'. Note that your Old Agreement number is automatically populated in the Addendum/Renewal/Rider to field.

Step 7 : After you saved the record, you'll notice that there is now a New Agreement Number under Addenda/Renewals/Riders section. Click on that New number to get to the details page of the Addendum for approval.

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