How do I Create a Contact while Adding a New Agreement?

Step 1: Search for the Contact

From the Agreement page, search for the Contacts to see if it already exists. Please note, always create the Account (site) first while creating an Agreement.

If it does not exist, only "+ New Contact " will appear below the  Search. Click "+ New Contact" to add a new Contact while on the  Agreement.

Step 2: Select Contact Record Type

Select  ' Administrator or Supervisor, as applicable' from the Record Type  Pop-up window and click the Next button.

Step 3: Add Contact Details

Add the Contact Name and any other relevant details that you know  about the Contact. Try to fill in as much of the Contact details as possible.

If you know that your Contact is related to an Account (site) that already exist in the system, for example, Bubba Shrimp Co. , you can search and add the Primary Account here.

Step 4: After all capturing relevant information, click 'SAVE'

Note, all fields with red asterisks (*)  are required fields.

Congratulations! You've now know how to create/add a new Contact while creating an Agreement.

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