How to Create a New Agreement in Steinforce?

Step 1: From the Home Page, Click the Agreements Tab

Step 2: Click the New button at the top right corner of the page

Step 3: Select Agreement as the Record Type and click Next

Step 4: Fill in all required fields denoted by red asterisk (*)

Account Name : Option 1 -  You can search for the Account  Name in the Account Name field if you know or think that it already exists in Steinforce. If it does, you can then select the name to add it to the agreement.

Option 2 - You can click Add Account from the drop down and create a new Account. To learn how to create a New Account -  Click here

Status : Unless adding a completed agreement retroactively, the status will always default to Initial Agreement

Initiator Type: All NYU users select NYU. All 2U users select 2U

Initiating Department/Program:  Select your primary department/program. This field will help us track how many agreements your department/program initiates over time

Agreement Date: Semester and Year of Agreement

Agreement Start Date: Date when the Agreement starts. You can default to today's date or a past/future date if necessary

Agreement End Date: If using a Steinhardt Agreement, there is no end date. Only complete this field if you discuss with the site. If there is no end date, check Evergreen Agreement

Site Contact: Click on the Magnifying Glass and check if the Contact exists. If not, Click Add Contact and Create a New Contact. If you want to know how to Create a New Contact Click Here.

Step 4 (continued): Select Department/Programs included and click Save.

Department/Programs Included: This is a Required Field

Select the Department from the Left (Available) and move it to the Right (Chosen) using the Toggle Arrows.

This field will default to All Steinhardt, meaning that the agreement you are creating applies to all departments and programs at Steinhardt. If you are using any of the Steinhardt Agreement Templates, All Steinhardt applies. If the agreement only applies to specific programs/departments, please select the appropriate ones and remove All Steinhardt.

Click the Save button when done.

Step 5: You have now Created an Agreement. You'll notice an Agreement Number created for your reference.

Now that you've created an Agreement in Steinforce,  Click Here for instructions on How to send a New Agreement for Signature.

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